• Destroys microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses, including the CORONAVIRUS!
  • Closed-type device suitable for public places with frequent movement of persons.
  • Incredibly low noise due to its special fans.
  • Safety pin that automatically turns off the device when the cover is opened.
  • LED status and UV discharge lamp lifetime indication.
  • Multi-functional mounting: wall-mount or desktop use.
  • The device can be controlled wirelessly via Wi-Fi using a mobile application. The application allows its user to: program the timer, adjust the fan speed and to find out the exact and actual UV discharge lamp lifetime in hours.
  • The device is designed to disinfect the air during the presence of human beings. UV-C radiation purifies the air in a special tunnel inside the device. Shielding at the device’s input and output prevents from UV radiation leakage. The device does not cause any harm to the present persons.
  • The device is designed and made in Slovakia.
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Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 600 x 150 x 70 mm
Colour variants:
• RAL7035 /white/ – AW48-W
• RAL9005MET /black/ – AW48-B
Weight: 4.4 kg

The device has WIFI

Device application: TuyaSmart

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You can download the application here.
Information about the application can be found here.

Protection: IP20
Working environment according to IEC 60364-5-51: AB5

Operation voltage:
220 – 240 V AC; 50 / 60 Hz
UniSchuko connector / EU Terminal – cable 1.8 m
Input power: < 58 W in active mode
Stand-by mode < 1 W

Noise level and airflow:
< 16 db on airflow 40m³/hr (Silent mode)
< 20 db on airflow 57 m³/hr
Lamps power in the device: 48 W

Lamp type: 2x OSRAM HNS L 24 W 2G11 or compatible type
Discharge lamp lifetime:
18000 hours, recommended replacement after 9000 hours
Ozone Free Operation

Device purification coverage for ceiling heights of 2.5 m:

Purified air ONCE in 60 minutes: 23 m
Purified air ONCE in 2 hours: 46 m2
Purified air ONCE in 4 hours: 92 m2
Purified air ONCE in 8 hours: 183 m2

Device benefits:

Long lifetime
Powerful, compact emitter
Minimalistic design
Durable construction
Easy replacement of discharge lamps (after their lifetime)
Fan error detection
Discharge lamp failure detection
Lifetime of the discharge lamp monitoring